Sting or Bee Stung

If you’ve ever tried GUs and absolutely hate them…. then you will love these little guys, Honey Stingers! Finally a gel that you can consume while running that doesn’t want to make you puke. Who wants to swallow warm “GU-ey” liquid that doesn’t taste good… ah, hem… that is saved for times other than running 😉

Anyway… these are amazing! They are “All Natural Energy” and taste just like honey! The Gold is my favorite, Honey with B Vitamins. Then there is Chocolate Honey with Cocoa and B Vitamins – both are fat-free and have 120 Calories and 29 grams of Carbs. The other flavor is Ginsting Honey – which has Ginseng, Kola Nut and B Vitamins, this one contains caffeine – LOVE!

Beeee Stung!

On long runs, fueling up is a must (for me, anyway)… everyone is different. BUT, after about an hour and a half of running, I usually start to feel a little faint. I stay away from any type of Gatorade or Powerade while I run and strictly do water… mostly because my stomach is better off. So getting in some quick cals (and caffeine never hurts!!), during a long run really pays off and gives me that boost of energy that I need to finish.

 What is your fav power booster while running? Beans, blocks, GU(ews), strictly Gatorade… caffeine? Nothing? (because you are so awesome you don’t even need it)


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