Mountains kinda “Weekend”


stella baby

I say Weekend lightly because it was actually Sunday night into Tuesday -gotta love that! The weather wasn’t the greatest, but the food and wine and relaxation certainly were! There is nothing better then sitting outside by the water – somewhere, anywhere. Water has a very calming quality to it. Listening to some tunes, drinking a Stella, reflecting on life. I can’t think of a more perfect way to relax. One of those moments when you are filled with so much joy and happiness and excitement and you say “LIFE IS GOOD”.

It’s also always a good weekend when your day is centered around food and booze. Yes, no running for this little girl. My ankle needed a break anyway 😉 (no, really it did!). So besides eating and drinking and letting Murph run around in the mud like a “crazy pup”… what to do?

Wine tasting on a Monday afternoon! There’s a ton of great wineries in PA, outside the city where they can grow the grapes right there. So Mom and I hit up one of our favs, The Grovedale Winery… always delish, newly renovated and great atmosphere. Couple glasses of wine, a few crackers later we made our best wino selections.  FYI – the Port from this place is amazing! We started tasting the drys and moved onto the sweets. I bought Cabernet Sav (of course) -Cabernet Sauvignon: A delicious Cabernet opening with ripe cherry fruit in the nose, leading to a good balance of oak and soft tannins. Frontenac Gris (delishishly grapefuity and not too sweet)-Frontenac Gris: A lively, refreshing wine with grapefruit and tropical fruit notes. Limited quantity- only 41 cases produced.  And a little Brandy-Laced Peach Preserves to go with any good morning wine drinking 😉


So by the time we found our way back… got lost on our way there, btw. Let me just say that being from Philly you kinda expect people to be A-holes. We were pulled over on the side of the road trying to mess with the GPS and figure out where to go when this car slowed up behind us. I got all annoyed and was like “why are they not going around!”, but of course they pulled over and asked us if everything was alright and then ended up giving us directions to the winery. Oops – I’m sure they were thinking we were the Philly A-holes at that point in our Infiniti G35, big sunglasses and GPS – not knowing the “good ‘ol back roads” in Bradford County. OOPS – Sorry, nice lady… thanks again for your help. Next time I will buy you a bottle of Port 🙂

crazy kid

Home now, Murph is a muddy mess and it’s time for a delisious din! No pics of din and there after but you know what they say… “What Happens at the Lake, Stays at the Lake”… 😉

the best is yet to come


WORKOUT – None, besides trying to do some stretching and yogo while Murph was biting me… or walking up and down the the lake (that counts)


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