Sunday Runday

What a RUNday it was!! 16 miles, baby…. I think the most consecutive miles that I’ve probably done ever. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little nervous. Especially because my ankle has really been bothering me. I had a stress fracture back in July and I worry that it will come back. The day started off with all my goodies, getting ready at 6:30am (yes, this is late for my “new lifestyle”… I used to get up at 5:30). So anyway… let’s talk about the prep and all the fun stuff.

Lil running helpers

First things first… the electronics – Garmin and Shuffle. My big I-pod is got left out in the rain out of service right now. I really just started running with music not that long ago. Running is really my time to think and reflect, and -don’t hate me on this one- but I always looked at using music as a weakness. Well, who said that?? Because I love running with music! I do think it makes it a little bit more fun and there’s nothing better then hearing a great song when you are really rockin’  it and feeling good. Still, really really enjoy running without music and I can honestly say it really enhances the natural and mental aspects of running. Now the Garmin is NOT a necessity and sometimes becomes an annoying and obsessive habit. But… I use it anyway and it is a helpful tool. Real time: 6:56, not 7:56am.

Second, but probably (actually, is) more important is the fuel. I have never been a before run eater but with long miles coming up it is definitely a must! I usually eat a pack of organic oatmeal – prepared just with water. Also most of the time before the run I will drink Emergen-C Joint Health which has Glucosamine, Vit C and Chondroitin in it. All which give you “Power for Joints” – these have not yet been evaluated by the FDA, etc etc – but this is what the marketing says so I believe it 😉 Another plus about this is that you can drink it warm and it is good for cold days to warm up your body and get you ready to go out there and freeze your little running butt off! Now… mid run I’ll down a few Honey Stingers and you know my love for them! Then there’s the lasts but certainly not the leasts. The Fitness belt to carry all your crap. AND Harvey’s Leukemia bracelet for good luck and motivation! Plus a rubber band and some safety pins for some ghetto-ness. 🙂

Not too much to say about the run except it was AMAZING!! Sixteen, enough said (sorry, I know that is the worst running blog description ever). I am more into talking about the extras today though. So, after the run comes the dreaded (insert scary music here) icebath!

frozen piggies

Well call me weird or crazy or cool but I really kinda dig the icebath. Mostly because I know how much it is helping and how it is going to cure some of the pain. But if you have a nice little setup going and try some of these tricks you might end up liking them too. When I remember, I fill up the tub with water before I leave, cold I guess is better but either way by the time you get home it will be room temperature anyway. Then I stop at Wawa on my way home (or other said convenience store) and grab a bag of ice… usually a 7lber or so. Now, one of the tricks is to get into the tub first and then slowly start to pour the ice in. Make sure the water is at least covering the top of your legs and up to your waist-ish. I always wear a sweatshirt which never gets wet you can hang up to dry after you accidentally drop it in. This helps keep you semi-warm and cozy! A winter hat helps too 🙂 no lie. Then I make sure I have my coffee or something else hot to drink. And I put some tunes on! Stay in for about 3-4 songs and you are good to go! Put some (dry) sweats on and wait about a half hour to an hour before you get a regular shower.


While you are waiting you can pigout fuel up! Eating what you crave is the best thing to do. I usually crave eggs, pretzels and some kind of fruit. Sunday I didn’t have too much time so I grabbed a Chobani pineapple yogurt, Uncle Jerry’s hand made pretz’s and a banana for the road!

post run munchies!

And yes, you are right… that left me no time for a “regular shower” 😉

WORKOUT – 16 miles!! and lots of stretching


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