Run-O, Dos, Tres

SB and pink tape

Two or three things that made an excellent run the other day. ONE (Uno) – Tape!! Yes, ankle tape works like a charm. Plus it’s pretty and you can get it in all kinds of cool colors at Dicks. I had a stress fracture back in July and like and old woman a runner it hurts when the weather changes and when it is going to rain. Ridic, I know! I have been a little paranoid about it though because I’m getting up in mileage and I don’t want any problems with it during my long runs or most importantly for the marathon. So I taped up and headed out to Kelly Drive. Really noticed a difference in how it felt while running, and with the rainy/humid weather that Philly has been having it’s probably good to have a little extra support. So onto TWO (Dos) – Starbuck’s Iced Coffee… afterwards of course, unless your stomach can handle it beforehand. Yes… I know I should be drinking water but a Lil SB’s is sooooo refreshing on a nice warm day.

So THREE (Tres) has to be food, of course!! Re-fueling is a must – and not just with Starbucks, although it is tempting sometimes because usually I am not in the mood to eat a lot after a run. But this little concoction is perfect after running, especially on a hot day. Let’s see if I can remember… 1. about a cup of fresh baby spinach 2. 1/4 cup of plain greek yogurt 3. 1/2 cup of chic peas LOVE! 4. a small tomatoe 5. a packet of tuna (not a can) 6. some salt and peppa, and lemon juice. Delish! Mix it all up and enjoy. So good and so much protein. You could prob sub any veggie for the tomatoe too if you don’t like them.


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