Marathon Weight Loss and Goals

So there’s a lot of hype out there about running and running weight loss! Please note, folks… I DO NOT run to lose weight. Stay in shape, yes I guess that would be one of the pluses. But I run because I LOVE IT and am OBSESSED, got it? 🙂 Now, granted this is my first marathon coming up in June… in San Diego. So I am not the expert on this. But from what I’ve heard from other marathoners (I consider someone a marathoner if they consistently run them). Anyway – most of whom I’ve talked to have said they drop weight right before the marathon. This I think happens naturally and is also a good idea.

1. you can always run better when you feel lighter 2. you should be watching what you are eating and drinking anyway 3. why not get ripped up and actually look like you are running one. Here are some of my goals for the next month (one month til SD).

ready to run!

Drink – tons and tons and tons of water! (trying for a gallon a day, that is about 208 ozs). Eating super healthy, lots of protein and good carbs, lots of veggies and NO junk food or extra sugary crap. Portions, portions, portions! Everything is moderation and proportioned out (yes, I know that is obsessive). NO drinking, and by that I mean no more then a glass or two of wine/beer, etc. monitored and measured of course. Also… nothing else that may cause your appetite to become ravenous 😉 Keeping at my current/marathon goal weight is important (email me if you are interested in the exact number, I prefer not to post it). Making sure I get lots of sleep is also really important, however has been something that I’ve been struggling with for the last year. So we’ll see how that goes without wine 😉 So those are next month’s, health goals.

Training wise – finish out the season with no injuries, feeling good and feeling like I can kick this little 26.2 in the ass! I will say FU to 26.2 when I cross that finish line. 🙂 I hope. Left yet for long runs I have a 13-er, a 16-baby, a 20-hells yeah, and an 8-uh oh taper time… that’s it for the long runs. And then it’s weekday recovery runs and the usual 5-6 milers.

WORKOUT– full yoga dvd today, weights


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