Recovery (not from running) Shake

So how is the eating and “non drinking” going? Well… OK I guess. The eating is going pretty good (had a few little slip-ups), but so far so good and everyday is a new day and learning experience. Always improving!! One step at a time.


Now for the drinking aspect. I did say I would allow 2-3 drinks, in moderation. Well… that changed a little bit yesterday. This damn nice weather gets me every time! Main St was calling my name and I met up with one of my new girlfriends (who is aweome, btw). She is going back to school and completely changing her life as well so we have a lot in common. Anyway, sitting outside having a late lunch and a few delicious drinks got the best of me!  One drink, two glasses of wine, and a shot over my limit 😦 Oh well… I will know for next time right? No one’s perfect… not even me 😉

Let’s talk about this “recovery” shake! It is great for a hangover or after running. This little guy is going to be curing my alcohol induced feelings this morn. 1. One packet of vanilla carnation breakfast (apparently there is as much protein in these as an egg!) – that’s what the box says and you know how I love my marketing ploys 2. One cup of milk 3. One banana 4. One Tablespoon of flaxseed 5. Half an avocado. Mix it up, yum. So delish and creamy. Then drink tons and tons of water and you should be good to go! Also, a SBs always helps.


 WORKOUT – probably none (JK!) – weights and yoga, prep for tomorrow’s 20 miler!


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