Twenty Big Ones

So the final big training run today went amazing!! I felt great from the start, ran well and finished strong. I think all of my drinking training has really paid off. I can honestly say that I was really proud myself today.

pre race fuel

It all started with my “pre-race” day prep. Food and shopping! A girl’s perfect day. Tons of water, great food, a good night sleep and a little retail therapy is what I cann a great pre-run day. Gotta treat yourself, right 😉  The night before I made a delicious din of pasta, chicken and broccoli, had one 80z glass of red wine and a Godiva dark chocolate rasberry truffle. Oh and I snuck an Ativan in for good sleeping measures 😉

The day I had yesterday was also amazing. A little retail therapy does the soul good! Not the wallet though. KOP gets me every time. Lots of good shops, and lots of good deals marketing ploys that get you to think you are spending less money then you really are. So I stopped off at MAC, Arden B, VS, Bebe, Aldo and JCP – oops! 😉 Got some good steals though and didn’t end up spending too much mula. Isn’t it the best when you get to the register and they tell you your purchases are less then you thought!? Also, a good new coral lipstick is a must for a fresh feel.

the goods

Ok so enough of the prep day, let’s get into the actual mileage. I promise I’ll start briging my camera with me more so that I can get some actual pictures of actually RUNNING! So after a wonderful night’s sleep, I woke up excited and ready to go for the day. I said “let’s DO the damn thing!!” Ate my oatmeal, drank my Emergen-C, downed half a 32ozer of water, went to the bathroom, etc etc. Did all my other necessary pre run prep (full post on this later). Listened to some good tunes and took some pics and I was out the door!

Do it DO it!


 The run itself was great! Perfect weather for me. It was a little overcast, running in the woods on some back trails next to the creek so it was a little cooler. I was able to keep my long sleeve shirt on the whole time, which helps with the fuel belt situation and keeping my stupid big ass Garmin on my wrist. Anyway… the Team all started out at a decent pace, prob around 10 min mile pace. Running with people always helps the mile go by quicker too, because we are all gabbing and talking about running life and getting excited for SD. Team in Training sets up water stops for us along the way so we stop at these, causally chat for a bit, use restrooms etc and then head back out, or on. I stop my watch at this point so that I can get a true idea of time. Lap 7-13 the pace got a little slower… and then picked up again at 14, I was running more by myself so I kept it under 10 – booking it a little at the end around 9-9:30. Now Garm says I ran 20 miles, however it is also telling me that I did 21 laps… which would be 21 miles. So there’s a little descrepincy there but we will just stick to the 20 for now. An extra mile or two never hurt though 😉 Finishing up the run was amazing!! I even added in a huge hill at the end, and getting a cheer and congrats from TNTers is awesome!!
Post race fuel up… beer and a grilled chicken sammy with lettuce, tomatoe, onions, prov cheese and french fries, YUM!! PS- beer has to be the best, most refreshing thing after a run (besides maybe a Margarita?) It’s a toss up. Finally got home early afternoon-ish and it was ice bath time, of course!! All in all my legs and whole body feels really good. A few pings and pangs here and there, but I think that is only natural for the amount of mileage. The training, both physically and emotionaly that I gained from this run is going to allow me to kick 26.2’s butt!


WORKOUT– 20 baby!! 3:20mins

chilly willy


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