Drinking and Studying

Not necessarily in that order… So how does one stay motivated with all of these distractions around? It’s amazing and wonderful to be on my own schedule, but can be hard at times to stay focused and on course with what I want to do versus what needs to be done. School work, training, taking care of the house, paperwork etc all” must dos”! Shopping, drinking, dilly dallying (my fav), laying out… all “wants”. I think I’ve been doing a pretty decent task lately at getting a lot done and working needs and wants into my schedule. Last week for example was amazing- weather wise, so I layed out for an hour a day while I got some reading/studying done. Murph was being a pest and climbing all over me so I even had to throw him the ball from time to time. Wow, talk about multi-tasking! 🙂

fun fuel


The other night I made a delicious quick sangria too. Not sure how this ties into my “getting shiznit done”, but wine helps you relax at the end of your long day and cherries are good for your joints after running, so combine the two and you’ve got a great dessert! Frozen cherry-berrys and some boxed red vino, you are good to go! And eating the alchy soaked cherries at the end is the best part because at that point you are a little buzzed and they taste even better ;) And yesterday I went to this great Coffee Cafe in Manayunk to study. They support local farmers and use only fair trade organic coffee. So look at all the good deeds you are getting done at one time!? So I guess my question would be is it possible to have and do it all?? I think it is! Just a matter of “pacing” yourself. A little trick that you can do in life and in running. Self control is a big one too, which is something I need to work on lately. When you are out having a blast, it is hard to cut it off sometimes. And studying… we’ll see how that goes when I get my grades back 😉

WORKOUT – 10 miles w/ hills – 1:24, weights, yoga

sangria and murph


love coffee


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