Just Do the Damn Thing

I must say, I love Nike gear (minus their running shoes of course). And whoever invented their slogan is genius! However, I like my version a little better ūüėČ … maybe they need to switch it up. Yesterday I did a little shopping, again (my blog should probably be called “shopping rocks” instead because I seem to do more of that lately).


¬†Anyway, I desperately needed¬†wanted a dri¬†fit sweatshirt for after running. Does anyone else freeeeze¬†after they are done running? Even if it is hot out, I get super cold once I stop and cool off – obviously from all my sweatiness. So I picked this little guy up yesterday at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $26! Love it! So soft and uber¬†cool. A few good things to always have with you, or in your car is a nice comfy sweatshirt and flip flops. First thing I want to do when I finish up a run is take off my sneaks.

Today consisted of a slow easy (also annoying) run on Kelly Drive with Murph. Why was it annoying? Because he doesn’t know how to walk on a leash yet and runs in front of me, chews on his leash as he is running, and trys¬†to herd me. He can’t help it, it’s only instinct but it does make it a little embarrassing and hard to run.

skinny minny

So to live your life by the Nike slogan would be great! And it’s true, how will you ever go anywhere in life or accomplish¬†anything if you don’t “Just Do It”.

 WORKOUT- 5 slow miles, yoga


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