A Plus, Baby

Apparently my drinking and studying habits have paid off because I got an A in my Anatomy class… fist one down, 5 million more to go. Just kidding, not that many but it feels like it since I haven’t even gotten into a nursing school yet.

so big!

Motivation… it’s just the little boost that I needed to move forward and be able to say “YES, I can do this!”. Just like the 20 miler with  marathon training. You need a little “taste” of your goal in order to reach it. And that extra kick gets you moving forward even faster and harder. And it’s an amazing feeling when you feel like you can take on the world and do anything. I’m sure my huge glass of iced coffee is contributing to my attitude just a little bit today though 😉

cushy socks

I’m also starting to get my things together for the marathon and getting super-duper psyched! I’m making sure I have all my gear ready and have used everything in training, as to not try any new socks, undies, shorts, etc. I KNOW these socks work great and I love them. So these will for sure be making the trip to SD with me in my carry-on. They are the perfect “cushy-ness” and soak up all your sweat just right. Plus they have the added “high heel tab” to keep them in place and make sure they don’t slid down and cause your shoes to rub (disastrous!). I never thought I’d be SO excited for something other than (my own wedding, or a vacation, etc). Who gets psyched about running 26.2 miles, and beating up their body and pushing themselves to the limit and testing their strength. Only distance runners I would assume? Most people think I am crazy when I tell them that I’m running a marathon, and I can only hope that within the next year I’ll actually be able to tell them “I am a Marathoner“! A+ to that.

WORKOUT – full yoga DVD, Murph walk, weights

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