No Pain No Gain


Blister, blisters and more… I guess I shouldn’t really be complaining because if this is my big problem at this point in training then I really have no problem. However, half of my blisters aren’t even from my sneaks, they are from a new pair of shoes that I got, and walked down to Main St in ONCE, last night!! My friend Steph came over for dinner and we had a great night, and super yummy meal at Bella. Wheat pasta with lump crab meat and shrimp in a light tomato garlic sauce, delish! Then we split pineapple cake, and of course there was some wine and drinks involved in all of this.  

I felt a little sluggish this morning when I first started my run which I totally blame on the pineapple cake! But overall the run went well. What an amazing day for a run, and I am really loving Valley Forge and doing hills! Yes, that’s right… I said hills. Kelly Drive was just getting a little flat and boring. So minus the blisters (which actually weren’t even worth too much complaining), it was a good run. There are a ton of different loops that you can do around the park, so we did our two usual loops and then and out and back along a new trail, which always makes things for interesting. Crossing over a bridge and along the river was my fav, and gave me total motivation to keep going because you feel like you are on top of the world and really rockin it! I WILL bring my camera one of these days and actually stop for pictures… promise!



Super quick post run breakfast this morning because I was in a rush to get to the pool. I stopped at Wawa for my ice and grabbed a breakfast sammie (which I shoveled in on the drive home), carrot juice and re-heated coffee (even though you can’t see it in there you’ll just have to believe me on that one). Coffee or someting warm is usually a must during ice-baths. Although I must say that I am actually starting to like them… no lie. Then off to the pool I went! I just joined this super “posh” – hate that word but not sure how else to describe it, swim club. It’s adult (over 21 only), and today was the first day I was able to check it out. WOW, I am going to be loving this all summer.   Great crowd, age group etc, awesome atmosphere… and how can you not like drink waitresses!? Four glasses of peach bellini’s later (GAIN!), perfect weather, pool, lounge chairs, having a blast with my friend, Damian (who is hilarious!)… heaven. PS- I definitely need a mani and pedi 🙂

So how do you gain without pain. I believe it’s impossible. No one can get where they truly want to be in life without somewhat of a struggle. Or at least without working their butt off… you can’t be expected to be handed anything. If you’re not willing to work at it and take some losses and sacrificies then you don’t deserve the reward. And maybe that sounds harsh but it’s true. Just like with running and training… you aren’t going to accomplish your goals without some punishment and good ‘ol pain. And you have to admit… sometimes the battle scars are worth it too 😉 Who doesn’t love the tight quads and hammies when you know you worked for them. When you walk down the stairs and it hurts a little but you smile to yourself because you know you just rocked 16 miles worth of hills.


WORKOUT – 16 miles, hills

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