Workout Recap – 5.23.11

Love workout recaps… mostly because I only do them when I have a great run or PR. Today was a great run! Looked like it was going to pour any second so that definitely contributed to my quickness. But also no one was on Kelly Drive so I could really run fast and not have to dodge anyone or trip over dogs (usually mine). I also felt pretty good starting out, which is amazing considering I ate enough yesterday to feed half of Cambodia (sorry, Angelina!). 🙂 Blasting good tunes in the morning also helps and gets you psyched up. Can I Kick It? Plus being super duper stressed and NEEDING to run all makes for a good one. Seeing 7’s always makes me happy.

4 miles – 30:27.64 – Avg 7:37min mile

Splits – 7:44, 7:47, 7:36, 7:20


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