Good Grief

car ride

Greiving… what is it really? And can anyone actually explain it. If I’ve learned anything in Development Psych this week it is that there are tons and tons of studies but no actual facts and scientific laws about human behaviors. Everyone is different when it comes to the greiving process, yet there are a lot of similarities that people go through. I have definitely been having a rough road lately and I think a lot of it has to do with the timing (approaching 6 months, is a huge mile marker), and also the change in seasons. Moving forward isn’t always the easiest thing. One second you can be so happy and enjoying life and going about your daily business. Then everything hits you like a wave. Knocking you over and you don’t know what to do. Other times you wake up knowing the day is going to be a hard one to get through. But they all get easier. If I got this far, I can get ahead even farther then I ever thought I could possibly go.

walking himself

I am definitely learning a LOT from all of this… about life, and myself, and once I am completely healed I will have the true gift of life and have become a stronger person, and the person that I was meant to be. Life needs to be lived and not planned because plans don’t always work out and there are always things that get in your way.

So what to do on a bad day. Today was a Murph walk day… which can be nice and relaxing or also super stressful. As I have mentioned probably a million and one times already M-dawg is annoying to walk on a leash. However, he is a funny little friend that always makes me laugh. And you tend to forget about some of your problems when you are cleaning up dog poop on Kelly Drive and trying to pry a dead robin out of someone’s mouth. Yeah, no lie… some lady walked by and said “aw, you poor thing”… not sure if she was talking about me, or Murph (since I was cursing at him), or possibly the robin.

herding geese


A little walk and some good music works wonders. A good run would have helped (damn you taper!) The nice day helped, crying helps. My counselor helped… friends helped. Rough days only make for better, good days. One day at a time, decompress and don’t stress. We’ll see, I am working on all this. The facts also are learning…  don’t forget about your life and get too wrapped up into what you think you should be living, doing. Don’t get t0o busy or not care enough to live, because you are too comfortable in your routine. Only YOU can make YOU happy. And you never know what life is going to throw at you, so you better be prepared to deal with it, and get stronger in the process. Nothing lasts forever so you should be able to adapt and change. And never stop living… or meeting new people, or surviving on your own. Love one another unconditionally, but don’t forget about yourself either. 🙂 

Most importantly, enjoy and love what you have when you have it and live and enjoy the moment. No regrets, take what’s handed to you and turn it into something amazing. “Omnia Causa Fiunt”. A friend just reminded me of this… I love the saying – Everthing happens for a reason and am always saying it!! Although sounds much better in Latin. – All things change and we change with them.




WORKOUT – 5 mile Murph walk, yoga

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