Life is Hard, Get a Helmet

crazy ralph

Get a F*cking Helmet is the true saying. Or, how my Dad says it anyway. He is one tough cookie… and definitely doesn’t have sympathy for whiners, or people who complain about not getting what they want in life if they don’t try hard enough. Again – nothing is going to be handed to you on a silver platter. So enough about that. This saying always rings in my head sometimes because it’s so true! Yesterday I thought about it all day, because I had an annoying day. The morning started off bad. When I was on my way to go run a lousy 3-miler. Ok – right there… bad attitude! Anyway… I’d like to say I had a “little car incident”, we won’t talk about the details but I ended up being at the insurance company and rental car place all day. My poor Mom was here cleaning up Murph’s poop and complete destruction of the backyard. I honestly had plans to help her, I swear! 🙂

love salads

So after having a yummy lunch with Mom and saying bye to Murphster – since the rents are putting up withwatching him this weekend, my Mom closed my arm in the automatic car window, ouch!! It didn’t hurt that bad but I started to cry. You can only take so much in one day you know? Ok… so I was being a baby but my circumstances allow for that from time to time. Ralph would not approve. Although he would approve of a little alchohol therapy. Red wine plus cherries, plus some edamame on the side (I know, I’m weird), try it, it’s a great snack though! Looks like the day… not so bad after all.

late night snack

“be good murph”

Anyway, moral of the story/day is I said I’m going to put my helmet on and have an “amaz-balls day tomorrow!” And I am!! So far great day and it’s not even noon yet! Got my hair cut and conditioned in the morning at Crimson Hair Studio (recap on this later). Great deal through Groupon – which is by far one of my fav inventions ever. Although another sneaky marketing ploy. Walked around Rittenhouse before my appointment and did some apartment/house hunting and some errands done, woo-hoo finally some things crossed off my “never ending story” list. Love that movie, by the way. And now it’s Poooooooool time!! More to come on this later, trust me! 😉 I will have a weekend recap when I get back from The Wood (for those of you not in Philly area, this is Wildwood, NJ). Fun times to come, lots to talk about next week! 🙂 LOVE ❤

WORKOUT – yoga, weights


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