Crimson Love


New Fav hair salon! So Friday I mentioned I tried a new hair place with a Groupon that I got. First of all… I love trying new places/things whether it’s restaurants, products, food, wine, whatev!! I decided to start off the morning with a lil fresh ground coffee… can’t go wrong there, right? Maybe this was the key to my good day! Although probably more so my attitude than anything. Helmet time. So I got down to Rittenhouse quit early considering the timing with traffic. I got to walk around a bit (super nice day), and I took down some numbers for apartments. I’m not sure Rittenhouse is the place for me to move – it seems a little stuffy for my taste. Like – I feel like I should have been more dressed up for walking along the street. Leggings and a cute top, flip flops, no? Anyway, that is to all be worked out soon.

Crimson Hair Studio I knew I fell in love right away when my Kate Spade “poppy” handbag matched their chairs exactly! I was greated right away by Ashley with a genuine smile and “great to see me attitude!”  Love It! Some hair places and salons can be a little snooty and standoffish.  The owner, Jen came over to say hi to be as well. Everyone had cute “crimson” outfits on, unlike your typical black and was super friendly and accommodating. Sometimes at salons you get that forced feeling where you know everyone is trying to make small talk because it’s their job. Not here, I felt like I knew all these Ladies and fit right in! No product forcement either. Bumble and Bumble stuff is great but I didn’t feel any pressure to buy anything. Got a free sample though! The retro vibe of Crimson, friendly atmosphere and great customer service will definitely have me going back here, not to mention their very reasonable prices… especially for Rittenhouse. I got an amazing cut with Brooke, and a conditioning treatment – much needed!

warm welcome

katie spade chairs



Poooooool time!! My new fav thing to do like everyday. Damian and I decided that this is the best thing since sliced bread or the wheel.

laughing it up

Not sure which. I think he mentioned the wheel since he’s not really into eating many carbs. 🙂 Anyway, tons of cool new people to meet at this place, with already have a few news friends to hang with. Great drinks (anytime I can drink wine outside at 2 in the afternoon without having to order a meal, I am down with that), also excellent service!! I grabbed a towel to put down on my lounge chair and then went into the locker room to change and when I got back there was a fresh glass of ice water complete with lemon sitting on my table when I got back. Score! Full review on Arrow Swim Club will be a must up and coming!

WORKOUT – 8 miles, last real run til marathon time


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