Feed the Monster


Theme for the weekend? – Maybe. Hilarious? – Definitely! LOVE my sisters and extended family. It was bitter sweet to see everyone this weekend, as expected. Laughing, crying, drinking, eating, talking, missing Harvey. But most importantly, healing and being together. I had a little bit of a hard time driving down to Wildwood on yesterday. For once it was not due to traffic! Panicking, dealing with it and getting through it, only makes it easier the next time and hopefully makes less and less times. Once I arrived, everything was much better and I forgot how much I missed everyone!


I must say Harv’s (my) Fam knows how to party and have a good time! So how does one who is “not drinking” and “eating healthy” stay good. Yes, I put that in quotes because I have obviously been taking it lightly lately. Although, I am much better then I used to be ;). It can be a struggle sometimes to hold back and have self control in a lot of ways. Drinking, eating, tanning, shopping!? Why do these things become obsessions? Especially with woman. Ok, probably only with women. Not sure I know of any dudes who have these problems. So you tell yourself… I’ll have ONE drink… or ONE piece cake, but once you crack and go over your limit, it’s too late. Then it becomes the fact that you already blew it, so you might as well start fresh the next day, or the next Monday. Anyone else agree??

big girl bottle

Along goes the weekend and after running some errands and getting none other then food and alchy we all got to hang out on the balcony in the gorgeous weather! Definitely a great night with everyone… topped off with Birthday cake and champagne toast. All of which were a little over indulged 😉 PS – there is no picture of the cake because Renee and I pretty much devoured it in 2.5 seconds. This is were we learn about Feeding the Monster.


looooong walk

Another great day today weather and other wise – minus the sugar downers and hangovers. Perfect beach day! And it must have been if I actually went into the water. Wildwood is great because the beach is huge and even on Memorial Day Weekend you are not sitting right on top of other people (unless you want to be), AND you get a great workout in walking the the water. So finally the weekend ended with a trip to visit some more friends and a stop at La CostaOne one of many places I never thought I would be completely sober. That’s right, only water for this little girl today! And that is the truth.


sober girl

Moral of the story… you gotta feed your inner monster sometimes. Just start fresh on Monday. 🙂

WORKOUT – carrying beach chairs and cases of beer

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