Memorial Day

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No, it doesn’t mean a day off work, or drinking too much at a family BBQ and embarrassing yourself in front of Aunt Sally. It doesn’t even mean throwing all your inhibitions out the window on the AC Expressway, heading to the shore and knowing you will be coming back with regrets. And no it’s not about the beach or the mountains or your tan. It’s about remembering those who have died in our Nation’s Service. People forget and take for granted other people’s live and things that go on around them. We all do it. But days like today we need to take a step back, not be so selfish and think about what other people and humanity really means. And that there are our fellow man dying for us, fight for us, helping us in ways we would never even know.

Before Harvey got sick we did go about our daily lives, not paying attention to much else but what was important in our future. I’d like to think we were both very caring and compassionate people, giving to charities and helping out others. But after dealing with Cancer, your whole world is opened up. You look around you in the hospital and you see other people just like you… giving up their whole lives and everything they’ve dreamed and worked hard for, from no fault of their own. Fighting through one of the worst battles you could possibly fight and not knowing if you are gonig to come out on top. BUT Harvey never forgot about others during his fight… he put everyone else before himself and he fought with the most positive attitude. He changed lives. Whether other people know it or not… he gave a lot of people a lot of things. The meaning of true happiness and an example of how to live your life and to die with honor. Nothing should ever be taken for granted, especially your fellow man.

People can go about their daily lives and forget about others and be selfish, and that’s fine… it’s going to happen. But seeing what is there and knowing what we can and do, do for each other is amazing and eye opening. So the next time you walk down the street and you see a child in a wheelchair or a Veteren, or someone with cancer, take a step back and look at your life and what you really have and appreciate what these people are giving you, and how lucky you are. And think about one way you can give back. Whether it’s helping an old woman cross the street, smiling at somone who looks like they are having a bad day… giving blood, donating to cancer research. Or just doing something completely unselfish. And then REMEMBER – remember those others, and the ones we have lost.

On a lighter note… you know I wasn’t about to have an over indulgent weekend with out a little retail’n it up. Not my fault though, my flip flop broke right outside the Wild Ocean Surf Shop . So I really did NEED to buy new ones. Along with a comfy sweatshirt of course. Let’s hear it for the Red White and BLUE.

wild ocean surf shop

WORKOUT – yoga, weights… lounge by pool (it’s called taper)


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