Pre-Marathon Paranoia


Yes, I have it bad!! First of all.. running is my stress relief (so is drinking – a ‘lil bit), and I’m not doing either of these. (We’ll forget about the 3 vodka iced-teas at the pool yesterday, I nixed them out with the amount of water I drank 😉 ) Anyway, I am going crazy over here. The last two weeks have been weird. I miss running like I miss love – you know you need it and want it and if it’s not there, it’s not there and there’s nothing you can do about it,  it’s out of your control. But when you find it again… it will be amazing! New, fun, and on a whole nother level. The stomach flip.

But now the paranoia is setting in… what if I trip down the stairs and break my ankle this week? What if I step on a piece of glass in La Costa? What if my mom shuts my arm in the car window? What if I get sick… or worse, (insert dramatic music here) that time of the month! Which looks like it will be. Then there’s more worries… what if something goes wrong that day or what if I forget something? Or why has my leg been feeling a little weird, or my ankle hurting when I haven’t even been running!? Yes… paranoia.

I hate traveling to begin with and I always stress out about forgetting things. Worrying about what to pack and if I remembered everything. And then there’s the getting to the airport on time, going through security, ugh. Traveling plus marathon = stress.

Deep breath!!! This is where a glass of wine would help. It is only natural though. Everything will work out as planned, it always  never does but that’s when you adapt and change plans and work it out. Just make sure you pack your running shoes in your carryon.

omnia causa fiunt

WORKOUT – yoga


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