Rock and F’n Roll

kick ass

Let’s get ‘er done!!! I am getting so antsy and excited. For as much as I want to be in San Diego and hang out and see everything and enjoy…. I want to get the race started so much more. I would be willing to wish away all the days leading up to Sunday at 6:10am CA time. But I won’t because the excitement is half the fun, right? Not when you don’t sleep and you feel like you are losing your mind that is pretty much already lost.

Today was my last “run” which consisted of running super slow along Main Street and the Canal. Doing all my typical pre-run prep to make sure I had everything down that I need to bring with me. I bought my throw away sweats yesterday at The Salvation Army. I didn’t have any old sweatshirts that I wanted to part with so I went to SV yesterday and bought some old gross ones. I figured it might be fun from now on to pick out the ugliest sweatshirts I can find to use as my throw-a-ways. Why not? Plus I am giving some money to Salvation Army and they are going to go right back there anyway, just in Cali. 🙂

canal run

Next stop, Mont Clare – 20 miles. Hhm… I will definitely be doing that run sometime! I am already thinking of a few goals and things I want to tweak for the next marathon. Let’s concentrate on this one first though. Felt really weird running today. Short, slow and didn’t feel like myself. I guess that is normal while tapering? Well, I am off to finish the rest of my marathon prep ie. lounge by the pool – oh yeah and PACK !!

WORKOUT – 3 slowbies, yoga, weights

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