Perfect End to a Perfect Weekend

spilling coffeeeee 

Wow, maybe I really do Rock!!? 😉 JK – but this was a fun way to end an amazing weekend. Hands down Sunday was the second best day of my life. I feel like I’m on a high right now. And it feels ‘out of control!!’ So psyched and motivated to keep it going! I already can’t wait for the next marathon, next fun trip, next adventure and new things to come in my life! 26.2 Baby… so proud of those numbers. If I can do that, I can do anything! 

No worries, I will have a full recap on the weekend to come. Lots of pics, lots of fun stuff and lots of inspiration!

Today is relaxation day for me and getting back into ‘routine’ , and by that I mean going to the pool. I think I’ll put off my studying, doig wash, cleaning and paperwork for just one more day. In the meantime… here’s a few pictures from the weekend to hold you guys over.  

WORKOUT –  little bitty yoga , pool! (ps – so far I like recovery way better then taper)

ready to rock


p.beachin it up

wine time


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