Goodbye Philly Hello Cali

philly – blah

cali - yay

San Diego Marathon Weekend – Day One. Friday morning 2:30am – I woke up and ended up eating my blueberry muffin that I was supposed to be saving for the plane ride. Oops – ‘Feed the Monster’. So 4am, awake (with no breakfast in sight) so “stoked” to get going. I typically use the word “psyched” to describe my uncontrollable excitement, however I figured I’d adopt some Cali lingo for the road. So off we go on Continental – the pilot gave a shout out to Team in Training, which was great! Much better than hearing about life preservers and gas masks, I usually zone out for that part. “Ladies and Gentleman please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for take-off, oh yeah and GO TEAM!” One of my seatmates asked me if I was with the TNT-ers and I said yes of course. He said “Thank you, you kids restore my faith in human nature”. Wow – pretty intense and awesome to make a difference on someone like that. He also said that he should do it because there seems to be a lot of woman involved. Come on, dude don’t ruin the moment! Next stop – The R’n’R Expo… oh wait… Houston first 😦 Here’s a question too, how do you stay well hydrated while traveling without being annoying and having to get up and pee every 10 minutes? Luckily the guy right next to me didn’t speak English – so he couldn’t make fun of me for taking stupid pictures either.



we're here

 Finally arrived in SD! Looooove it there, couldn’t keep saying that enough. Actually will be doing a separate post on San Diego, before I move there ;). Our hotel was in the Gaslamp Quarter which was a great spot to walk to the Expo, bars, restaurants, Starbucks… etc. The Expo was great, I thought Dodge did a Rockin’ job of sponsoring everything. Well organized, lots to do and look at… and of course buy! Hello, it wouldn’t be my blog if there wasn’t a little shopping involved. Let’s not think about the large purchase for the moment though and concentrate on the race gear and beer mugs!

So being handed my bib at the Expo is when it really hit me! Something about knowing that it’s actually official. That number will be with you when you cross over that finish line and will be your dreaded or proud “time”. Although people say they just want to finish not pass out and have to be carried across the finish line, or just have fun no injuries. Everyone still has a time they have in mind, whether it’s a secret or not. Aaaah, butterflies! So after a ton of goofy photos and looking at pretty much every T-shirt and racing paraphernalia that you could possibly imagine. Dinna-time!

rock it!


yeah yeah

Croce’s, so good!! SD has a ton of restaurants and Kim and I happened to bump into this one (recommended by our hotel dude). The food was excellent! Definitely the best meal I’ve had in a while… and that probably has a lot to do with the fact I hadn’t been out to dinner in a while (not cool) 😦 Also the best night’s sleep in a looooong time that night. Again… it’s been a while. WORKOUT- yoga


me and my bff

porta practice


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