‘M’ is for Motivation

gimme an "M"

I need some!! In all aspects of my life this week – working out, eating healthy, blogging, studying, writing papers, even drinking! That’s right, I’ve been having a hard time with that. I blame this all on jet lag. 🙂

Motivation is key in life. But it’s all good to slack off once in a while. I love having specific things that motivate me… you need to! Pictures of swimsuit models on your fridge (tried that one in college, thanks Heidi Klum but you didn’t help the freshman 15). Or just reminders… such as “Manboobs”. Feel good motivators are best. Example – if I write my paper I’ll get to go out and party tonight! Or, if I eat super healthy all week I’ll let myself eat 5 pieces of pizza on Sunday. Oooooor, I half-ass my paper, don’t finish my blog post and still go out, party and eat 5 pieces of pizza? – that one is my favorite 😉

Tomorrow is another day…

M – is also for the Match. Love my new shirt! Not enough people know about the Bone Marrow Registry and how important it is. Join! Whether or not you accomplish anything in your day or aren’t motivated at all, all this one takes is filling out some info online and you could save a life! How cool is that? I bet you can even do it faster than it takes me to eat 5 slices (maybe not). 😉

damian's fridge


WORKOUT – none so far!! hopefully yoga though?


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