Party like a Rockstar

ice ice baby

San Diego marathon weekend – Sunday night, post race. PARTY! On a post race high… we all headed back to the hotel to ice it up! My feelings at this point… everything still really hadn’t hit me. But majorly proud and super amazed would be the best way to describe it. The tiredness was starting to set in and it took me about a year and a half to get my ice bath and shower to get ready to go out.

Physically – blisters were my main problem. Huge, let me tell you… my right foot looked like I had a sixth toe. I guess the Monkey Butt does not work that great. My legs and knees were hurting as well, mostly my hammies and then the creeper started to set in. And this isn’t the hangover creeper that I’m talking about. It’s the injury creeper! When you think you are totally fine and then you think “uh, oh why does my ankle all of a sudden hurt and I can’t walk”. Extensor digitorum longus muscle (I think!!?) – but thanks, A&P. I figured I’d give it a week and see how it goes. If it was still swollen and hurting then I’d head to the docs. No worries about it now, I just ran 26.2 miles what did I expect! Although I already had a new goal in my head about the next Marathon and was secretly planning stratetic training timelines and some new things to try.

the local
best tasting beer ever

So finally after recapping with everyone and getting over myself… it was beer time! PS- thanks to everyone who called and texted to check in, you especially know who you are 😉 – appreciated. Heading out around 5:30 Lauren and I were so out of it, it took us about an hour to figure out what restaurant we were supposed to be meeting at. I felt like I could eat a whole cow at this point and drink a kegger myself (and when I say kegger I mean a frat party, not ‘a keg’). Typically I can’t eat a whole lot after my long runs, and stood true for Sunday as well. Beer went down easier but I managed to get half my chicken sammie and fries down. – Score for later!

my new boyfriend

After walking what seemed like forever on our sore legs and beer/tired enduced comas we headed to the Indigo hotel for a rooftop partaaaaay with the coaches. Amazing hotel with gorgeous views! You could actually look into the Padres stadium and watch a game. Too bad the game ended before we got there, but apparently there’s like 5 people that usually attend them anyway. And no one tailgates – what? Don’t tell that to Philly. So I figured after running a tour of SD, drinking and eating I’d sleep like a baby! Not so much. My legs were awake, hurting and would not get comfortable. Then the little gremlin in my stomach started. I don’t think I ever heard my stomach growl so loud. Again – Sorry Lauren, I was probably the most annoying roommate ever. It started out as just a little hunger pang but then I drank water and bam! Gremlins all over the place! I should have known better not to get them wet and feed them past midnight. By the way my Dad let me watch this movie when I was about 5 and I had nightmares for years! Thanks Dad, should have listened to Mom on that one. So anyway, I ended up sitting out in the hallway at 3am eating my leftovers and doing yoga – and I wasn’t even drunk.   

perfect view


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