Runner’s Envy


I have it bad!! I can’t wait to start running again and who knows when that will be. I said I’d give myself two weeks off anyway but with a busted up ankle it could be longer. I’m going to give it another week with the peas and carrots and see how it feels by next Sunday. No point in getting and MRI if it’s not necessary. Plus I already have ‘das boot’ from last summer if it comes down to that. And I mean the one you wear not the one you drink from (darn!). So anyway seeing other people running makes me jealous! It’s like seeing your ex-boyfriend out with his super hot new girlfriend. Not cool and makes you feel like crap. Guess there will be lots of long walks for me these next few weeks. At least that makes Murph happy. More San Diego recaps to come! 🙂 Must be that darn jet lag still crushing my motivation… or perhaps the 5? beers from last night.

tom petty '08

WORKOUT- 5 mile walk, yoga, weights


One response

  1. Michele Shaw

    so sorry to hear that you’re not running yet, can you bike?? Wishing you well and praying for a speedy recovery of your ankle…so proud to call you cousin ❤

    June 13, 2011 at 6:42 pm

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