A Hard Rock Life


San Diego Marathon weekend recap – Saturday. Yes, I know these are coming out completely out-of-order, but you get the idea. Saturday in SD was an amazing day as well. Had to be a little careful about what we were doing and eating, etc since the marathon was the next day… but the day ended up perfect! Starting out with SBs of course and then going to Paneraclick for breakfast. Everyone in San Diego is super nice and even comes over to take your plates for you when you are done… really? Not in Philly. After breakfast a few of us girls headed over to the Hard Rock Hotel –click for rooftop yoga! The weather was perfect, of course. Little chilly but sunny and gorgeous. The HR hotel is awesome! I am totally staying there next time I head out to SD (which will be when I’m looking for apartments ;)) Love the music quotes all over the place, and apparently they have pool parties here every Sunday!? If I wasn’t running I would have been there faster than you can ‘say’ Sunday Funday! I have become a huge fan of yoga lately and I really think it helps my running a lot… just by keeping stretched out. This session was specifically for the runners doing the full and halfers on Sunday. Sooo relaxing and stress relieving! Minus the shirtless dudes in the window who were distracting us by dancing and waving. Downward dog, with a cool breeze and calming music – I felt great afterward! Great enough to do a lil shopping 😉

wish i had these legs for the marathon


After yoga and lunch Mike came to pick us up and head to Pacific Beach! (in his hot car, btw). That’s right, ladies… and he’s single! 😉 PB is awesome and yet another reason I love SD. Broken record. Chill, laid back atmosphere… cool bars and restaurants (although didn’t get to take advantage of any!). Laying on the beach in perfect weather with the sun shining down – can’t go wrong there and added to all the goodness of the day. Next stop, pasta party and inspirational dinner. PS- not sure why this post took so long to do, I thought I had a lot more to say… that is what happens when you wait over a week to write!

music quotes


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