Appetite for Lightin’ Dynamite

i hope i have insurance

So I talked about Dynamite yesterday and ended up jinxing myself. First of all…. obsessed with this guy. LOVE his music! And thought this song was pretty fitting for my night last night. Because I definitely had that ‘appetite’ for trouble. But that is always the case when alcohol is involved. I think my tolerance went way down since I haven’t been drinking as much? Or I think it’s fine to act like I’m 21? Can I still blame this one on jet lag? Anyway great day yesterday turned into a little too much fun! I really should be more careful with myself 😉 The way I feel right now, I rather have just ran a marathon (although that would be any day).

Why is it that sometimes it’s just hard to stop when you are having so much fun? Your body is awesome and amazing though and should be treated that way. But every weekend now and again it’s all good to let go and not care. I think I haven’t done that in a while and probably needed it. When I was training I was extra careful about what I was eating and drinking, most of the time. So it’s been a free for all with the burgers and the beer. Live and learn your limits I guess.

Great pool day yesterday and then hung out with my new girl, B. She is awesome! 🙂 We had a blast hanging out and then going out to Center City Sips. First problem – most people here ARE 21. Second problem – cheap drinks. Third problem – I saw a few of Harvey’s nurses out (love them and missed them!) but that kind of brought everything rushing back to me. Even add a Fourth to that – Edamame and sushi for dinner (no carbs). Solution – drink heavily! Well it worked because I forgot all my problems and created some more for myself. Well hand me a match and light it up! 🙂 As long as I don’t have that appetite all the time it’s all in the name of fun. Although some dude did ask us if we ‘got paid to be there’. He said he heard of bars paying good looking girls to come hang out and drink and eat to attract customers. Really, is that his pick up line or is he for real? Can someone say “dream job”!

mini murph


peace out

Apologies to any and everyone I called and texted last night. Please disregard anything that I said, unless it was good. 🙂 I am off to AT&T to hopefully get a new phone.

WORKOUT– don’t even ask…


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  1. Bummer on having to get a new phone! Yea, being in training makes it tough to eat what you want all the time, enjoy the break from training!

    June 16, 2011 at 9:40 pm

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