If You Want a Girl with Cute Feet – Don’t Date a Runner

not cute

True and true. My feet are so busted up from the marathon, running, training and not caring ;). I think mine might even beat out Murphs on the gross factor, and that is bad considering he walks around barefoot all day through goose poop and mud. Unfortunately I inherited Ralph’s feet so they weren’t all that cute to begin with. But, they definitely got worse and also bigger ‘gasp’!! Yes, it is true your feet can grow a little bit from running a ton of miles. I was a size 7, however my last pair of running sneaks I had to order a 7.5, aah! Blisters galore! Can’t get rid of them though because you put in all that hard work to get them there in the first place, and if you don’t let them get callused up then you’ll have to start all over again. Weird- I know. So the next time the lady at the nail salon doing my pedicure says -” really, you sure you don’t want these scraped off!? weirdo ”  I have to say NO! Also… think I am finally losing a toenail –  I’m a little disgusted proud of this. Battle wounds, love them because you know you worked hard! Even though my feet are bigger none of my high heels will be getting replaced, I can squeesh my feet, for the name of fashion.


WORKOUT – 45 minute elliptical, weights


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