Things I am Obsessed with – Lately

 Since I am not running I need to have some other obsessions. Some are healthy, most are not. Does this mean I have an addictive personality? If so I need to start putting it to good use! Here are some things I am loving lately… not necessarily in this order.

eating, drinking, lipstick, AND bracelets

1.Shopping (bad)  2.Sweatclothes  3.Traveling  4.My I-phone  5.My Self (just kidding!)  6.Citizen Cope (thanks Josh!) 7.The Pool  8.Meeting new people  9.Drinking (jk again… maybe not?)  10.Eating (wait, that was always true)  11.This car  12.This lipstick  13.Starbucks  14.Blogging  15.Bracelets  16.Edamame  17.Getting no sleep (apparently)  18.Secretly day dreaming about running  19.Getting tan (with sunscreen of course)

no sleep - pre marathon


 WORKOUT – jillian michaels dvd


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