When Life Gives you Lemons you Paint that Sh*t Gold


Loving this quote from Atmoshere – good music too!! Quick post today and I’ll try to get my weekend stuff out soon. I’m sure you are all dying to know how amazing my weekend was!!? JK. 🙂 Pretty eventful though. Yesterday my car actually got broken into! Not cool. The one time I leave my GPS out instead of putting it in the glove compartment (mostly because I was hung over and/or still drunk and totally forgot to do it). So I’m away from my car for about 15 mins in broad daylight and someone broke my driver side window and took my GPS. Annoying because I had to get my window fixed, now have no GPS and also have to take my poor Infin. back to the body shop… yet, again! Can’t wait for another awesome rental car.

All is good though. Could have been a lot worse. And even though I was complaining a lot yesterday (again, hangover)… still tried to make a joke of my debacles and remember to LAUGH! There are very very few things in life that are worth making a big deal over. Most likely you will get over whatever it is in a few days/months, and then wonder why you even let it bother you. I also got help from some pretty awesome people and it made me feel super lucky to have the friends that I do, and to have gotten this opportunity and new outlook on life. Paint those Lemons gold, baby!

laugh it up

WORKOUT – one hour bike, jm tape


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