Murph, Where is Your Ball(s) ?

baby murph

The day has come for Murphster… no more balls – and I don’t mean the tennis kind. Dropped him off this morn at the vet! Poor little guy, he was all shakey and scared. At least he’ll be all drugged up later and won’t be his normal crazy self.

Went running today… finally, for the first time! It felt great and I missed it, oh – so – much! My ankle felt good, my rib felt ok (don’t ask, long story and I actually don’t even know it, myself 😉 ). I was a little tired and slow-ish but looooved being back out there and can’t wait to get some long runs in.
WORKOUT – 7 miles, 1 hour

One response

  1. Bev Holzer

    Poor Murph…… good picture of him looking scared and hiding from that vet!

    June 21, 2011 at 2:46 pm

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