Temecula Bound


San Diego Marathon Weekend – (Day After) Recap. I know this is about a year late – but better than never! So what is a runner to do the day after a marathon when your legs hurt, you are tired, have blisters and are probably pretty beat up – but at the same time feel the best you’ve ever felt in your entire life! Well – drink wine of course! ALL DAY. Some of the runners and coaches rented a stretch limo and hit up some of the local wineries in Temecula. This place has gorgeous views all around! And how can you go wrong with unlimited wine!?

First stop was Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyards where they had the best stuff I have ever tasted in my life, Almond Champagne – so freaking good! I could drink a whole bottle. Although, it IS very possible to drink a whole bottle of champagne anyway. Apparently this is known to everyone as “OH MY GOSH”. I think that is what I said when I drank it too, except there may have been a curse word all up in there ;). Another favorite of mine was the Decadencia Chocolate Port. Anything port is good because you know the percent alcohol content is higher. And we all know how I feel about that. Delish! Plus port goes good with anything chocolate. PS- why are those little wine crackers always so tasty?


my fav


cheers - first of 20,000 glasses

After our first ’round’ everyone was feeling good. No more hurting legs! Next stop was Wiens Family Cellars. The best one here was again… another champagne, I think it was called Le’Orange Champagne. The great thing about these tastings is that they were only about $10-15/tasting and we all paired up and split them. Luckily – because I can’t imagine how wasted I would have been by the end of the day if I drank it all myself. Also, good that I was flying home because I wasn’t able to buy 20 cases like I usually do 😉

love red

We stopped at Mount Palomar for lunch and sat outside on the terrace. Perfect! This place was by far my favorite – quite possibly because I was at my most intoxicated point 😉 – no, in all seriousness this place is absolutely gorgeous! And I told Mike he has to have his wedding here. And also invite me. I will just have to let his future girlfriend know that her wedding is already planned. I’m sure she will love that. Lunch was great, more white wine and then off to some more vineyards! I had all intentions of writing down each one and what we tasted but that flew out the window with the port.

drinking lunch


mike's wedding venue

Some of the other places we hit up included Oak Mountain winery, and… the rest of my pictures are blurry. No, actually 4 was our last one. And then it was back to San Diego for a night of more drinking! What an amazing day. And to finish it all off start off the ‘night’ of drinking we went to George’s in La Jolla, and I had the best drink of the trip ever, which was a grapefruit margarita. I had been craaaaaving one of those bad boys since I got done the marathon. Margs are the best drinks after a run. This place was so RAD and would be the perfect date spot – anyone up for trip to San Diego!? :), more spectacular views. Why do I not live here, again?


lots of wine


numba four




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