Let’s get Twisted


Has anyone else woken up in the middle of the night and been ridiculously hot and thirsty?? Ok, let me preface that by saying, NOT after a night of drinking? Just on a random night when you consumed no alcohol within the last 24 (ok, we’ll say at least 8 hours). I definitely have some sleep issues right now. I’d like to call it ‘thirst for life’ where I am just too excited about the next day so I can get up and run, hang out, do fun stuff, even go to class and work (yes, this DID used to actually happen).

Wake up – 3am, soooo thirsty. Nothing in the house is appealing to quench my thirst right now except a Twisted Tea. Love these little guys (5% alcohol by volume), but they are certainly dangerous being in my fridge! So refreshing in the summer with ice when you are super hot and thirsty! Maybe this will become my new after running recovery drink… or perhaps just midnight snack.
So Let’s get Twisted! Or hopefully fall back to sleep for a few…

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