When 10 Hurts

aint no water

 When does running 10 miles hurt? – when you are dehydrated from a night of drinking. Passed some woman who was carrying a bottle of sprite and it looked like the most glorious thing I’d ever seen, I almost ripped it right out of her hand! – when you have major ankle pain. Still from the marathon, I think I pushed it a little too much on Tuesday – when your feet hurt from wearing heels. – when you haven’t slept more than five hours a night in over a month. when you are grouchy and hung over. This must be what everyone in Philly feels like on a Thursday morning in the summer. Darn you drink specials! Here’s a little tip – at happy hour when the sun goes down, it’s time to call it a night. when you drink a martini about seven hours before your run. when you eat a ton of food the night before. when you just don’t have it in you. when you see a huge dead fish next to the river and you want to puke. Normally that stuff doesn’t bother me but after 3 lemonades, 20 coronas and a martini it does. You should all be lucky I had my shuffle with me and not my I-phone or you would have had a picture! 🙂

Even though I complain I still enjoyed the run. Longest one since the marathon and it felt decent and I actually did ok (all things considering). Threw in a little Art Museum steps into the mix too. Something about running in front of the AM steps is a little overwhelming and always makes me more motivated. Maybe it’s the size (sometimes this does matter) ;), maybe it’s Rocky… who knows, but it helped me with the three miles back to the car. Also helped My Treadmill Song – I call it that because I fell off of the treadmill one time because I got so into it. And This – both great piano tunes! Love.


beer through a straw

WORKOUT – 10 miles

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