Beer Beats Flowers


Last Saturday: I thought Harv would appreciate me bringing a beer to the gravesite as opposed to flowers. They are kind of a waste because they just shrivel up anyway. But I don’t think he’d like me wasting a beer either. Knew I should have drank it! I definitely needed one. First time going back wasn’t as bad as I thought actually. The worst part was the anticipation driving there and leading up to it. Once I got there I felt at peace and much better then I had in a while. I’d been putting it off and I think that was weighing on my mind. I knew the decision for him to be down the shore was the right one, when I heard seagulls and thought about going to the beach later. Peacefulness and serenity washed over me and I felt really good.

What was I supposed to do now… only what Harv would have wanted, not waste anytime to hit up the beach and PARTY! The rest of the day and night consisted of just that…

in case of emergency


shots 'for harv'


mini sword fights


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