Spinning into the Weekend

spin it up

 Starting off the weekend with spin (technically it is called cycling, here) was a great idea!! I had so much energy to kick off my day. I got another Groupon (yes, I love them) for Body Cycle Studio in Rittenhouse. I guess one of the things that attracted me to this was the chick’s arms on the front, she is ripped! Will mine look like that if I take this class?? Maybe about 50billion classes and cutting beer out of my diet – not gonna happen. Anyway… the class was great! Perfect for a recovering alcoholic ankle, and I got a coupon for Lucy. Michelle is awesome and I love all her analogies about pretending you are cycling away from and ex-boyfriend or riding your bike when you are 9 years old. Plus she remembered me as ‘the marathoner’ – love her!! This was my second class and today was awesome and totally different from last week, great songs, great ride. I felt good even though I was sweating out my celebratory drink drinks from last night. Come on now, did you really expect me not to drink anything after my final!? Let’s get realistic! I only had 3 though. 🙂

go green

Now it’s off to where else, but the pool?? And it’s ok today because it’s a holiday and normal people have off work too. Fun day ahead with Whit! Awesome weekend to look forward to, as well. Happy Fourth everyone! 🙂 And don’t forget the ‘real’ holiday and not just the party stuff.


WORKOUT – one hour of cycling!

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  1. coming from a photographer?? those arms are DEFINITELY photoshopped. no way they’d be so muscle-curved on one side, and then so poker-straight on the other… just sayin’ 😉

    July 10, 2011 at 11:42 pm

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