Somebody Call the Doctor

dr b.

Bronner, that is. This stuff is freaking awesome!! And apparently everyone and their Mom thinks so lately because they are starting to sell it in WF and even Target. Well, let me tell you… my Mom ACTUALLY knew it was awesome and has been using it for over 30 years. My parents were a little ‘hippy-ish’ obviously – my name is April. So when we would go camping it would be imperative that we 1. recycled all beer cans even if it meant driving them all the way home and 2. using something biodegradable for washing dishes or yourself in the lake 😉 – no lie… this is before the cabins/showers and yes, toilets and running water. Call my a flower child all you want, it definitely helps the porto-factor when you are running races.

I used to think biodegradable meant it was ‘good for the fishes’, however now it is so much more important for the environment and people are going green and becoming more conscious of all this stuff. Good for us… good for the Dr.

Pepperminty, tingly, wakes you up, half and half it with water and put it in a shady mayo jar and it still works! Plus you can buy it by the gallons. Use for anything – brushing teeth, washing dishes, clothes, your hot bod, your hair. Here you go, Ladies… need an excuse for not going on a date. “Sorry I have a date with the Doctor”. Does sound pretty good… and he probably is super rich, or at least his ancestors are.


2 responses

  1. Bev Holzer

    Your Mom & Dad were just way ahead of their time!!! going green that is. Good for them! Gotta love that Dr Bronners……

    July 6, 2011 at 7:36 pm

  2. Love it! Three cheers for your mom & dad! (We’ve been using Dr. Bronner’s for about 10 years now. Sal’s Suds is great for laundry, washing cars, and other non-cosmetic applications 😉 )

    July 10, 2011 at 11:48 pm

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