What Happens at the Lake Stays at the Lake

cup holder

Or Not!? Awesome, awesome weekend… from what I can remember. JK 🙂 Started off Saturday morning with major anxiousness to get on the road. First took Murphster to get his stitches out, grab Starbucks (like I needed more energy, seriously need to stop drinking coffee, esp SB because it is like crack). Anyway… finally made it up to Mehoopany (yes, that is a real place, don’t look it up though because it’s not even on the map). Pulled up, ready to party! And no I was not drinking and driving, I had to move my car up the driveway.

So for those of you who have not had an Witcoskie Mountains experience, let’s just say this… lots of drinking, lots of food, and lots of ridiculousness. The Wit’s definitely like to party and have a good time. That is something that I really truly appreciate about my parents is that I inherited a good tolerance outlook on life. 🙂 I learned at a young age how important it is to enjoy your life and what you have been given and really know that you are lucky in being able to love the little things in your life and what really matters. I’ve been camping since before I was born basically, and I’ve always loved it. However over the years it turned from tents to cabins and hiking to drinking.

The day kicked off with some Twisted Tea (great, more caffeine), and hanging out greeting everyone and getting ready to go in the lake – which I could not wait to do! Not really sure why because it’s pretty much just like this…

river run

Yeah that’s right, I have camo on. Jake’s Birthday on Saturday so I gave him his gifts – which are drinking related and a little inappropriate. Anyway, started a theme for the weekend and the ridiculousness begins. Everyone had a blast including the dogs (Murphster and Tullamore). At least they stayed busy and kept up with everyone else…

doing shots

 Don’t ask about the pole… it’s a long story and J-bird and I have not patented the game yet, so we will discuss this later. So, the boys took a trip to the shady-est place ever fireworks place, and bought about a million dollars worth of sparks. We knew there was a fun night ahead. It’s great to have a holiday weekend because you always have that extra day to hang out and enjoy. Whoever invented two day weekends is so annoying and I hate them. Fireworks were greeeaaat on Saturday night. I remember last year watching them from the boat on the lake, sitting across from Harv and seeing them light up the sky and the water, I could not have been happier at that moment. And I honestly felt that again this year… surprisingly enough. Enjoying what is in front of you the moment that it is, is so important. Life will pass by and you want to feel like you lived it.

perfect sun ‘set’
How could you not with a view like this!! So there were a lot more fun times and memorable moments to be had this weekend. But let’s talk about things that I learned since I can’t remember in detail. And that is because I have a bad memory, not from drinking.
One: write down everything if you want to have a blog that doesn’t suck. Two: don’t ever drink  only alcohol and NO water two days in a row. Three: don’t eat 3 sloppy joe sammies before bed. Four: don’t smoke in the fireworks store. Five: leave Murph up the mountains by accident. Six: go on at least one run on holiday weekends. Seven: don’t hold back the first night. Eight: don’t be a mess – M.E.S.S. mess (sorry, inside joke). Nine: always schedule a ‘backup’ ride home in case you feel too bad to drive. And Ten: don’t light fireworks that have a broken tube.
Ok, so maybe there’s more… Eleven: don’t let Ralph make you a drink, especially if it’s 9am. Twelve: don’t let Mom catch you on your cell phone.

baby bro


rum and rum

WORKOUT – number two of the day… JM dvd – love/hate her. good way to get back in the game!


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  1. “Enjoying what is in front of you the moment that it is, is so important.” Thanks for that, Ap. I needed to hear it tonight…

    July 10, 2011 at 11:46 pm

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