Rock it Two Times

rock it

Rock it two times, baby! These are the days that running truly does rock – twice. Love doubling up on runs. I headed out with Murph this morning and we did 3 miles along the S-trail down by the canal. He loves it there because he can chase geese. Although one of them was about to attack him so he ran behind me – cool, thanks Murph for the protection. Those bad boys are pretty big when they are standing right next to you and hissing!
Running felt good!!! Sorry, no pics. Hot and summer-y equals sluggish and sweaty. But after a good 3 mile warm up, the next 6 went by fairly well. Legs felt good, had the energy to push through the heat, and no ankle pain is always a plus. Rockin’ tunes on the I-pod shuffy and loving it! Thinking about the next race and how excited I am – hopefully will be deciding and posting soon on that. Progress, progress, progress in all aspects of my life lately. Even if they are baby steps and even if they aren’t perfect, I will get there eventually… patience is a virtue – damn I hate that saying.
Being extra productive and good today and heading over to For Pete’s Sake to check it out and hopefully see what I can do to help out. This is an amazing non-profit, started by Marci – who lost her husband to cancer at a young age, and made sure something meaningful came out of it.  I can’t wait to finally get Harv’s Fund up and running so that I am able to help others! He would love this charity and I am excited to be able to sponsor a family and make a difference for someone else. Rockin’ day.
WORKOUT – 3 miles / 6 miles , jm dvd

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