The JM Challenge

jm and murph

Who is this JM character and why do I keep talking about them? Jillian Michaels of course. Not sure if I’m a huge fan of her or not… I think it’s more of a love/hate relationship. I do love her workout DVD’s though, just think she is a bit harsh sometimes – not my style. But if you want to get ripped, this is the way to go. I cut out some strength training while training for the marathon because I didn’t want any extra chances of getting hurt. Only arm weights it was for a few months. JM’s workout was calling my name so started it up again and I decided to give myself the JM 30 day challenge.

For 30 days (in a row, no skipping) I’ll be doing this workout DVD. It has three different levels so that means 10 days of each level, with varying weights (of my choice – depending on how lazy or sore I am that day). The workouts are only 20 minutes long so no excuses for not being able to fit it in (I can waste more time than that looking in the mirror).

So far I am on day 4. I don’t look like Jillian yet so looks like I have about 50 million 26 more days to go.

WORKOUT – spin!! and jm of course


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