Drop it like it’s HOT

pre run fuel

Unless you are the Energizer Bunny then it is impossible to do everything. I am trying to learn that. Too much at one time can cause a lot of stress. So it is ok to stop and re-group once in a while and take a break and concentrate on ‘you’. Things will always be there a week from now, a month from now and so on. It is always better to give yourself time to heal, de-stress, recoup and figure things out then to rush into everything full force and not know what the heck you are doing. If someone would have told me, a year ago that I’d actually be typing that sentence I would have told them they were crazy… but it’s true.

And yes, I wear bracelets when I run… SB with a Stinger, rules!

The past month has not been the easiest month to say the least, but after some tough decisions and back and forth on a few things I’ve decided to give myself a little break and start my classes again in the fall (dropped those bad boys like they were hot). It’s only pushing things back a month or two, which isn’t a big deal at all in the long scheme of things. And I know I’ll get there eventually, it just might be down a different path.

Just because someone is a certain ‘time frame’ out of a crisis or hard life situation doesn’t mean they should be back to their ‘normal self and normal life’. I’ve been dealing with my life change… and gave up my life as I knew it about a year and 7 months ago… not just 7 months ago. It takes a person a while to build and grow again back to and into the person that they want to be. There are a lot of learning experiences, good, bad, ugly, along the way. And a lot of roadblocks. Right now I feel that I’m running up a mountain at mile 22 in a marathon. I’m so excited to peak and get to the top and see what is over the edge… coast down and into my ‘new chapter’, but at the same time I am looking back down the hill at all the miles I ran and want to reminisce in their glory. Maybe I just need to stop and take a drink of water and stretch… and I think that’s just what I’ll do.

post run recovery

So what is one to do on a HOT day… drop 16 and gimme an ice bath, baby!!

WORKOUT – 16 miles, jm, weights


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