Pack’n and Slack’n

Busy day today packing up the house! I forgot how annoying packing is… luckily Mom was here to help me. We got a decent amount done, mostly packed all dishes and wine/drinking glasses (wow, I really have a lot of those!) – but would you expect anything less from a beverage lover like myself?

Actually had kind of a weird morning. Decent run along Kelly – mostly because it was a gorgeous day! Definitely not because I had a good run. The past two days and twenty plus miles since Tuesday had me a little slacking. Felt good afterwards until the trip to SB turned into some crazy lady falling down the steps and spilling hot coffee all over me. If only I could have ripped my running shorts off along with my shirt I wouldn’t have blistery burns all down my side right now. Lots of Aloe for me, and it doesn’t even come with a good tan!

Anyway, all this packing and moving going on made me think about how much I’ve moved in the past 10 years. Once you get to college you move pretty much every year. Dorm to dorm, apartment to apartment, shore house to crack house :). But just when you think you get settled it’s time to move again! None of my pictures from today were that exciting, and I couldn’t find the college moving pic that I wanted, so let’s take a little trip down memory lane instead…

Ah, the dorms… good old Sanderson… and my roommie of 6? years – correct me if I’m wrong, Kate.

what is with my hair?

Look, I still liked beverages EVEN in college! – wow, I’m surprised I was drinking water on spring break… I am not surprised that I was being weird…



WORKOUT – 5 miles, jm, weights


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