Pub Run

weird face

The day started off great with a nice new haircut! I finally look semi-normal again, now I just need some highlights… and to stop making weird faces.

So who wants to run to the pub now? Who DOESN’T!? I was psyched all day about meeting up with my TNT marathon friends for a run and post race beers fuel. We ended up doing ‘two, two and two’… translation – two miles out, two miles back and two beers! It was so great to see everyone that I trained and ran San Diego with. It’s amazing how well you get to know people when you are running together. 2+ hours pounding the pavement talking about everything from food to embarrassing running stories. It’s a proven fact that people who are part of a group are happier people in general (ok, so not sure if it’s proven but I know I read that somewhere!).

Signing up for Team in Training was one of the best things I ever did. The whole experience was amazing and so needed in my life at the time that it came. The people that I met will be forever friends and we’ll always be able to share the accomplishment of training hard, running hard and fundraising hard. I’m already excited for more running reunions and upcoming races together.

twisted tea?

If you are looking for a good deed for the day, please click HERE and donate to Melissa, if you can! Every dolla dolla bill ya’ll, counts. Her and her husband are amazing people and helped me out tremendously.

WORKOUT – jm, 4 miles


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