The Heat is On

new pool??

Chicago will be here before I know it. Actually it’s a day less then a month away. I’m not exactly ‘training’ for this either. I figure since I did 16 last Tuesday in the heat after being sick I shouldn’t worry too much. Although I hate to be cocky and say that and I might just have to put my stinky sneaker foot in my mouth soon… but we’ll see 😉 But it’s nice not to have the full marathon pressure. I’ll be able to go out the night before, drink a ‘lil… and not have to be so crazy about it becasue I’m not running for time or PR, I’ll just be running for fun and to see the city!

Pool day today at the Rents’ house. Got to chill and actually read my magazines, finally! Not sure why this never happens at my pool – too many distractions I guess. Runner’s world had a little blip about the Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll Half and mentioned Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Apparently the start and finish of the race is at Grant Park, home of the Chicago Art Institute. Where Ferris “appreciated” it’s famous works, like Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks. Interesting – I did not know this. Probably because I am lame and don’t know any important movies that I should know for being 29 years old and living in the US!



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