Things to Obsess Over – This Month

More fun things to obsess over!

 1.Dierks Bentley  2.This song  3.Trying to be productive  4.Enjoying every moment of summer  5.The color ‘poppy’ (and yes that is a paint sample for my room)  6.Bathing suit sales before summer is over  7.Sixteen milers  8.Audis (love them)  9.Entourage (although the first few seasons were way better- and still jealous that’s not my life)  10.Sleeping  11.Sushi 12.Spin  13.Planning to ROCK Chicago  14.Sunglasses  15.New running sneaks – it’s almost time!  16.These shoes (again, I’m a size 7 in case anyone wants to get them for me) 17.Moving  18.Comfy clothes (don’t think this will ever change)  19.Traveling!!! Some fun stuff coming up. 🙂  20.Getting to see all my friends as much as I can (sorry, I am trying so hard to hang with everyone!)

poppy, sunglasses, comfy clothes



WORKOUT – 10 miles, weights

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