No Guts No Glory

Wow, I had an amazing run today!! So surprised too because I drank champagne and beer all day yesterday and ate 2 filets last night among a ton of other things. Long story. Anyway… Kelly Drive was pretty interesting today and 10 felt good and flew by pretty quick. One hour and 24 minutes quick. That may be a PR for me, I’m not sure. Maybe I need to start writing these things down.

Started off my morn with a SB iced coffee with a Stinger in it – SO GROSS! As a matter of fact it was so gross that I decided to give up coffee forever a week. I drank about half of it and into the trash it went. How is hot coffee so delish with one of those in it, yet iced tastes like nasty crystalized honey in coffee/water that’s been sitting out too long. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t that bad, but my stomach definitely couldn’t handle it this morning.

in the trash

So this past weekend was the 20 in 24 race and Ultra Marathon which goes along ‘the loop’ around Kelly Drive, which I talk so much about. First off – Ultra Marathons are insane… although the thought has crossed my mind once or twice. What? Who said that? Ok, so anyway as I was running today I saw all the signs left over from the race, along with lots of mantras and motivational quotes written in chalk along the path. My fav had to be ‘don’t stop get it get it’ – gotta love it. Nothing better to get you bookin’ it like a little old school rap. Although not sure how old school this would be considered but reminds me of college… basement parties – what, what! And of course there was ‘no guts no glory’ – can’t ever go wrong with that one. I didn’t get a great picture because there were some bikers and runners coming and they were looking at me like I was crazy because I was running with my camera.

no guts no glory

I also saw quit a few interesting things that I didn’t get to take pics of. There was a chick roller skating (not blades – 80’s roller skates) – in a white bikini and pink backpack. No lie. Seriously, where would she possibly have been going wearing that? At least I don’t have to worry anymore about just running in a sports bra. Also saw a guy wearing one of those sweat vests or whatever they are, the ones that look like trash bags basically, and he was walking at about 0.000001 miles per hour. Um, nice try dude but I don’t think it’s really going to work if you aren’t doing anything. If it did, then everyone would be doing it. The geese were a little ridiculous today too, they are so bad that they don’t even move over for bikers (and apparently everyone should be moving over for bikers!). But they are to the point where they just don’t care and you could literally run by them and kick them – which I have been tempted to do but just haven’t figured out how to do this and not fall over while running.

geese aka annoying a-holes


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