Take a Break

in memory of: little bonnie

I’m putting an emotional warning label on this VIDEO – but pleeeeeease watch it at some point! It will put your day/week/month into perspective. You may have also seen THIS one played at Citizens Bank Park a few weeks ago. I talked about the For Pete’s Sake Foundation and what they do to help out adult cancer patients, and allow them to take a break, get away and spend time with their families. I can’t say enough great things about how important a concept this is and how it changes lives just as much as research and new medications.

When you get up to get your coffee in the morning and complain about going to work or dread going in the office (trust me I’ve been there). There are people waking up in the hospital getting chemo and having their blood taken, dreading and waiting for the results (and trust me, I’ve been there too). Different perspective on life. And it seems that all the other blood cancer patients that I met while at HUP had a better, more positive, thirst, outlook on life than most of the people who I meet on the street. Going to the bank, food shopping, driving… not realizing how lucky they are just to be able to do these simple tasks. So look around you, take a deep breath and think about others and what they might be going through. 🙂 – a tough one, I know…

harv at FPS fundraiser


2 responses

  1. Ralph witcoskie

    Good thoughts April. The next time I see a sunset, I’ll be very greatful that I am there to enjoy it, even if I’ve seen better. You know what I mean. I’mm tired of people running around complaining about the minutia in there lives and not being greatful for what they have. Some people need to grow up and not be so self absorbed, and you know what I mean.

    July 19, 2011 at 1:05 pm

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