Thing One and Thing Two

one and two

 Excitement – all I have to say! I can’t wait to try these babies out. And yes I bought two pairs at once… only because I know I’ll need them for Philly and I got a good deal. I’ve had the Asics Gel Nimbus for a few pairs now and they have always been awesome so I keep going back to them and just get the upgraded version. Everytime I am at the store though I try Brooks and really like the way they feel and the fact that they are super light. Not to mention they are pretty darn good at marketing and we all know I am a sucker for that. ‘Run Happy’ – great slogan.
So, why are new running sneaks sooooo exciting to me!? I am still trying to figure that one out because sometimes it takes a while to break them in, they don’t feel right at first and can give you blisters (which I already have a million of). I just LOVE feeling the newness and ‘bounce’ they have when you put them on. You always seem to have a really good run the first time out in new sneaks. Or maybe it is all mental. I get so excited about running gear that even a new pair of socks makes my day. Is that sad or good? We are talking about running ones which obviously cost more then 50cents. And I’m surprised I didn’t blab on for about an hour about my sneakers. Let’s see what happens next week when I give them a try.
Good run today! Although it was super hot and humid. 13 miles, I am surprised after doing 10 on Monday. I was really really feeling it. AND no icebath today because for some reason my water was too hot (oh wait, that’s because I forgot to fill the tub before I left), and all my ice melted in 2 seconds. I didn’t feel like running back out to Wawa to get more so I skipped and I am definitely feeling it now. Thanks to Kim for saving me today and talking some sense into my crazy head about not running at Valley Forge in the sun. Nice run at Valley Green along the shaded path. – Shore time soon for some ‘real’ craziness! 🙂

pretend kissing

WORKOUT – 13 miles, yoga, weights

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