21 – And I Don’t Mean Miles

first drink

I wish I was talking about mileage, but I’m going to be taking a hiatus from running for about two weeks – says the doctor. Long story but I have a little bit of a broken rib, which I have been running with for about a month now and worsened my condition. This is a drinking injury not a running injury, unfortunately. Although any injury that causes me not to be able to run is super annoying! BUT – I need to actually be good and take a real break this time which means no running at all. I’m a little nervous since Chicago is coming up, but I’m just going to call this my taper time and be done with it. We’ll see how the next two weeks go and maybe I can pick it up again and put in a few miles before hitting up the windy city.

Last night was little Rocco’s 21st!! So exciting that she can finally go out with all of us and drink with the big dogs. Although pretty sure she could drink us all under the table. She only learned from the best older brother. I wasn’t able to stay for the shenanigans at the end of the night but it was great to see everyone and get to join in her excitement. I love having fun things to celebrate, it usually makes the night that much better. Off to OCMD to celebrate… ? Life? That’s forever a good one! Peace-out Cubscouts (Leah’s famous last words) and let’s hope for no more broken ribs or injuries this weekend so we can all start off a healthy week on Monday. 🙂

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One response

  1. ouch, Ap!! take good care of yourself, and rest up!

    July 25, 2011 at 4:50 pm

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