Memory Lane Monday – 2


Since 21st Birthdays have been a topic lately I thought I’d share mine. I remember counting down the days for at least a year. 365 days left… 62 days left, etc etc. I was one of the first of my close friends to turn (except Lor with her October Birthday), so it was just a few of us who went out. One of my work friends was a couple years older than me so she knew the Twenty-first Birthday drill. It was a Thursday night and she told all of her friends not to worry about being out late on a work night because I was a tiny girl and wouldn’t be able to drink much. 2am, 22 shots later and dancing at Tiki-Bob’s. Oops… guess this ‘lil girl CAN drink. Hope the 30th Birthday turns out to be this much fun! After this weekend though, I better learn to rest up and not act like Bernie Lomax 😉


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