Sign of a Good Time

devil horns

So this weekend wasn’t exactly the example of health to say the least. But you know you had a good time when you are leaving the shore with a water and devil horns in your purse. Not the best picture since the humidity on Monday was about 110%. Awesome conditions for a hangover. I still feel like my muscles are tight and I need to drink a ton of water. Wow – and it is Wednesday… I need to step up my game.

This week is super busy – packing, packing, packing!! Less than a week away til move in time and I am not ready at all. Resting this week, no working out until the rib heals (lets hope that happens quick). Also decided to give up coffee for a week (starting today – more on that later). So let’s call this a little detox week. If you don’t hear from me, I’m either packing, passed out somewhere due to lack of caffeine or a major grouch from not being able to run. Oh right… or don’t have internet service. Gotta love moving!!! Check ya later, kiddies!


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